Top contraptions to transform your kitchen

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As an architect, I design kitchens and joinery for most projects and then work with great joiners and contractors to implement the designs.

In this reel you can see my favourite details adopted in my kitchen designs over time. (the traditional look was, of course, our lovely clients' choice but the details can be used in any style kitchen)

I have chosen to show you the ones that will make a big difference when it comes to usability of your space.

But before you watch the reel, I want to remind you that strategically designed joinery can make an awkward transition between two rooms, seamless. When the doors are closed nobody will know what it is on the other side

The first time I worked in a project where we implemented this kind of trick was in 2000. It was the transition between a bedroom and an ensuite. Moving the door to the face of the wardrobe gave us extra space making that ensuite feel generous.

Reverting back to the kitchen units in this reel, we specified many useful contraptions from @hafeleuk in case you need to adapt yours (not sponsoring, simply a fan for 25 years)

Which one is your favourite?


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