Top 4 tips when choosing wood flooring

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Allow me to share, this week we had to choose engineer timber flooring for a project and these are some we chose to review with our client based on the website images

Showing these to you gives me a chance to remind you of the top 4 tips when choosing wood flooring

1. Pattern. Planks are easier to lay, have less wastage and are more affordable to install. Other patterns vary. The more complex the more costly
2. Width. Even within one category (these are all herringbone) you will find different sizes. The smaller, the longer to install and the more expensive
3. Finish. Lacquered finishes can have very heavy lacquers that change the natural appearance of the wood. All these are Oak but as you see not all look like they are. Oiled floors on the other had often are very smooth. If you want texture, look for brushed or light/invisible finishes
4. Thickness. Remember that you will need an underlay. With a thickness will vary depending on where you are installing it... Therefore, be mindful of both the overall thickness of your build up and it's relationship with other rooms and avoid creating trip hazards keeping this below 5mm

Ps engineered flooring is made out of a finishing layer and some cheaper layers to reduce cost. When you received samples from any company, look at the thickness of the top layer and the quality of those behind.
The thicker the top layer the more expensive but also the better chance you will have of longevity. You will be able to sand it if you need to refinish, for example

If all this sound like knowledge you need follow for more

(this is not a sponsored post, I am sharing the details should they be of use to you)


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