Inspiration : Sky Garden

Aug 14, 2023 0 comments

(video here)

Because inspiration can be found everywhere, allow me to share some places that will give you ideas for your home or business interiors, starting with the Sky Garden

Plants became extremely popular during lock down and went up in price to Levels that were, frankly, excessive. Nowadays you can find many more affordable options available (even for plants that just a year or two ago were considered rare.)

With this in mind, today I would encourage you to Google biophilic design and explore how bringing nature to your home can benefit your every day.

With regards to this project, I'd encourage that you observe how people interact with the space and the plants once they arrive. How they explore and find a place to stop and enjoy the space from. How their spots differ from yours etc.


Book your tickets or be prepared to queue for quite a while (the ticket queue is on the right)

Also, if you visit on a rainy day, be prepared to find the balcony closed. You can still enjoy the environment though, and with the Leadenhall market, Lloyd's building and many other iconic structures a few meters away, you will still enjoy your visit.

Finally, do not attempt to take photos above the glass parapet, you will be told off. For anyone wondering, it is simple physics. Should you drop an object from that height, the speed of the fall (over the 44 storeys ) will give such object a dangerous power on impact.


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