A Beginner's Guide to Maintaining Your Windows

Jul 31, 2023 0 comments


Windows are an important part of our homes. They provide natural light and ventilation and can contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic. They can also impact the way we enjoy our homes and the way we feel in our homes. 

However, like any other component, they require some maintenance to keep them in good working order. In this blog post, we will provide some tips to help you start.

This said, remember that there are many types of windows and that the maintenance requirements vary. 

  1. Check window for signs of water damage (mould on walls or condensation within the glass) and scratches or cracks.
  2. Inspect the gasket (if difficult to open)
  3. Inspect glass for cracks (movement, impact, or heat shock)
  4. Look at the caulking and seals and try to find gaps, cracks, or signs of damage.
  5. Make sure the locking devices work properly.
  6. Check if your window reveals are squared off. This is an area where you will notice, for example, if there has been movement in the building)
  7. If you have sash windows check the weights, the rods, brushes etc (if they have not been fitted properly of have moved, they may rattle)

These days we are more aware than ever before about our energy consumption and keeping your windows (and external doors) in good condition will help you reduce your energy consumption and bills.

Furthermore, maintaining your windows will extend their life.


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