Inspiration: Gilbert and George Centre

Aug 20, 2023 0 comments


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The @gilbertandgeorgecentre , off Bricklane, in London is a recent addition to the area that as well as some iconic artwork, it comes full of architectural inspiration for anyone looking to refurbish their home. 

 Here are some of the things I would like you to consider: 

 1. The craftsmanship and finishes have been carefully considered and built to last. 

 2. Throughout the project, the types of timber are many of varied tones and textures. And they work because they have been intentionally selected 

 3. On the top floor, the plasterboard stops at the level where the roof trusses (triangles) rest. This is a very clean detail that would allow you to conceal uplighters, for example, but also to highlight the structure of the building. 

 3. The courtyard has been kept clear of clutter and planting has been strategically positioned on the sides 

 4. In the video room, the speakers are concealed in the bench and the sound comes from slots on the top of the bench's backrest. 

 5. The windows are of a mustard colour and look beautiful. The lesson being that one can always be playful when choosing the colour of their windows. 

 If you are inspired, you can visit it for free, Thursday to Sunday. Address: 5a Heneage St, London E1 5LJ 


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