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In my second year of architecture school one of the teachers gave a presentation in front of the entire school. 

There were two things that I remember: 
  • The dark blue aluminium Windows (which were beautiful) 
  • A comment that went like this: " I was glad I was able to take photos before the client installed their horrible curtains" 
At the time I remember thinking it was a joke but after all these years I have come to accept that too many architects design for themselves, not their clients. 

At our studio we are not like that. We do not prescribe and are always mindful that it is our client's home we are helping them design, , not a design for our website. 

When you decide to go ahead with your refurbishment , do look for an architect who does the same.

Alternatively, follow #Arkhlient in social media and stay up to date with us to find out when we launch our courses for you to take on the refurb in your own terms.


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