How to Avoid Miscommunication During Construction Projects

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Communication is key for any successful construction project, but it can be challenging when contractors and clients have different expectations. In this post, I will share some common issues that arise from miscommunication and how to prevent them by keeping the lines of communication open.

The Importance of Clear Contracts

During the construction stages the most significant issues appear from a lack of understanding be-tween the contractor and the client. Each of them wants the project to be a success but they have a different understanding of what success will look like. 

For a client, flexibility is key, but a contractor needs to know exactly what is expected from them to be able to plan and deliver the works on time and budget. 

Discussing this in detail before the project gets to site and making sure that the contract reflect it is the first step. However,, you should also make sure to keep communication going during construction, recording any changes to ensure  that there is a record of any deviations from the contract. 

How to Handle Changes and Surprises During Construction

 For a client, a successful project is one where the contract cost will cover all costs for anything that may emerge during the works. The contractor, on the other hand, knows from experience that working in existing buildings will unearth unexpected surprises. 

Any changes during construction will bring additional costs and you should keep them to a minimum if you want to avoid causing delays or adding cost. Again, keep records and share them with the contractor

A good contractor will help you minimise the impact of the extra cost and might even suggest ways to reduce cost elsewhere, however, should this not be possible be mindful that extra work will likely requires additional payments.

Best Practices for Communicating with Contractors and Clients

  1. make sure you speak regularly with your contractor
  2. take notes and pictures to record progress and remind you of unexpected matters
  3. be prepared to adapt if needed 
  4. confirm any changes required in writing

As i hope this has illustrated, communication is essential for any construction project. By following these tips, you can manage any miscommunication issues and ensure a facilitate a smoother process for everyone involved. 

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