Inspiration: Serpentine Pavilion

Aug 15, 2023 0 comments


More design inspiration for your home's and businesses. 

 If you have not managed to stroll around Hyde Park and visit this year's #SerpentinePavillion, let this be your reminder. Lina Ghotmeh 's building, although differently from the original cgis, fulfils it's role of providing the proverbial table our city needs to put the world to rights as they say. 

In concept at least (since to make that table work to it's full potential, scale would need to be reworked but that is a different matter) 

 I would encourage you to visit it and once you are there, pop in the @serpentineuk gallery next door and look for the Tomas Saraceno cats which in my most recent visit seem to have escaped his Cloud Cities (see the last image in this reel) 

 Things to notice 

 1. Use of perforated timber to filter light and create privacy 

2. Materials and joints of materials. Very humble materials put together intentionally, create special places 

3. Modulation : using one component repeatedly increases the sense of space and also shifts the attention of the overall space

 4.a small window in the ceiling (without obstructions) brings a considerable amount of light 


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