Why do refurbishments take so long?

Apr 11, 2023 0 comments


When people say projects take a long time they are telling you that you should consider some of the things that could go wrong to avoid surprises.

However, surprises in a refurbishment are almost unavoidable.

(a longer version of this post was first published in my @burutapen account some 10 months ago)

Lease: If you live in a building that requires permission from the freeholder or the community to carry out a refurb, you should understand :
- what the sign off process is and how to deal with it efficiently
- cost of the building license
- design restrictions within the lease.

All the above can add cost and time to your project. (Not only in terms of design & legal fees but mortgage & construction costs )

For instance, should your contractors not be allowed to use the common parts of your building and be required to erect a scaffolding. This will slow down the access to and from site extending the programme ( scaffolding hire+ council license+ longer programme)

Another example would be restricted working hours. Some freeholders agree to quiet works to be carried out on weekends, others don’t and the latter will add time.

Conclusion: Pay attention to what you agreed at the time of signing your lease and be prepared.
If you are looking to buy, take time to ask as many questions as you can about this topic through your solicitor. 


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