Arkhlient is a project I designed to help you become a confident client. 

Whether you are looking to understand what is involved in a project to build a team to help you make your dream a reality or need specific insight to do it yourself, there will be something for you. 

The plan is simple: there will be a section for beginners (with short courses focused on specific skills) and an advanced section (with courses focused on specific types of projects)

The beginners’ modules will be aimed at helping you gain an understanding on what is involved in a refurbishment project, one topic at the time. 

From understanding the condition of your home and how you use the space to learning about statutory obligations, space planning, design strategies and costs. 

Each module will have videos, exercises, and resources to help you build your knowledge. 

They will be available individually for you to build the knowledge in the areas of your choice. (And as a pack, in the future)

After the beginner's modules are released, we will release the advanced modules. Those modules will guide you through each of the most common forms of refurbishment and will help you decide whether to take on the challenge or seek professional expertise. 

It will also teach you to build the team that will help you make your dream a reality.


The content of this training will NOT be developed by AI. It will be based on the 23 years’ experience of Cristina Lanz Azcarate, an architect and designer based on London. 

Furthermore, it will not be just about finishes or design. It will teach you the things no others teach for you to become a confident and competent client. 

Please be mindful that the courses will aim at providing you with the tools you need to decide and will teach you how to use them, however, your project may require additional specialist tools. It will be our aim to teach you how to use the tools to identify whether this is the case and to highlight what those specialist skills may be and signpost to useful resources. 

Finally, to make your dream home a reality, you will need to use the tool once you please note that you will need to use the tools on your specific project to make things happen. 


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